You know those things you don’t even know you need until you try them? And then you realize they’re so great you never want to live without them? That’s the new tap technology of this super cool faucet.

Delta Trinsic faucet on Cool Mom Tech

Though a faucet is a faucet in many ways, my happy new Delta Trinsic faucet comes with Touch20 Technology, which is about as far from most faucets as they come. All I have to do is touch the tap and it activates.

When Delta sent one for me to try out, I wasn’t sure how useful the technology would be. But imagine, if you will, how handy it is when dealing with raw chicken or sticky bread dough and I want to wash my hands. A quick tap with my arm is all it takes and the water turns on or off automatically. 

And imagine, again, how incredibly fascinating this touch feature is to the younger folks living in my house. Hand-washing has never been such a popular activity.
The only thing that’s a little annoying are those times when, for whatever reason, the water won’t start even though I’m touching the faucet. I feel like a bit of a dork standing there tapping my faucet and waiting for something to happen. But apparently that has more to do with the fact that my husband and I aren’t the world’s best faucet installers, than it does with the quality of the faucet because the helpful folks at Delta (and they really are helpful) have been available to solve any installation issues.

If you’re in for a kitchen remodel soon, this is totally worth a look. And a tap. At least until they come out with the kind you can turn on and off just by blinking your eyes. –Stephanie S.

Find the Delta Trinsic faucet with Touch20 Technology at Delta. And thanks to them for providing one for Cool Mom Tech to review.

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