The gift for the dad who has everything? Well thanks to technology, there are increasingly more everythings out there in the world each day, which makes the search easier. A little easier? Okay, not that much easier. But if you’ve got an audiophile dad to shop for and a big wad of cash, then whoa, this is a pretty darn cool option.

Specimen Hornlet Speaker | Cool Mom Picks


The 19″ tall Hornlet Speakers by Specimen go back–way back–in time to source their inspiration. While Edison probably couldn’t have imagined what a world of MP3s and wireless file sharing would look like, I imagine he’d be pretty impressed with this gorgeous pair of entirely handmade speakers made of premium Baltic birch at the base, and recycled materials for the towering horns. They were first developed for a Guggenheim Museum exhibition in collaboration with composer and violinist Andrew Bird so, you know…nice pedigree.

Pair them with your existing audio system, home theater or just your iPod and let the bass boom. Plus, they look cool. Edison was definitlely down with cool. –Liz

Find the Hornlet Speakers from Specimen in a variety of colors, on sale at for $100 off retail for a limited time (use our invitation link if you’re not already a member). After that, find them direct through Specimen.