Ah, there’s nothing more reminiscent of my kids’ nightly bedtime routine than bath, teeth brushing, pajamas and of course, scanning their pjs with my QR code reader to read an app-based story. 

Kids' smart pajamas on Cool Mom Tech


Wait, what? Yes, it’s true, someone has actually invented smart PJs. Claiming to be the world’s first and only “interactive pajamas,” they are covered in QR-code patterns that you can scan on your smartphone to pull up custom-made apps of bedtime stories. There are only two apps right now that work with these pjs, but I’m sure more are in development.

The pajamas come in both girl and boy dot patterns and are available for $25 on the site. Call me old fashioned because I still prefer the good ‘ol storybook-in-hand technique–and there is something just a little weird about asking a babysitter or grandparent to wave a phone over your child’s body–but if you want to incorporate even more tech into your lives (and bedtime routines), and for some reason there are no actual books to be found even on your smartphone, then call me intrigued with the idea. Jeana

You can find out more about these pajamas at the Smart PJs site.

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