We love Houzz around here. We’ve been using it to design our living rooms, bedrooms, and dining spaces for a while now. So we’re super excited that they’ve launched an app that’s just made just for parents.

Houzz teen room | Cool Mom Tech

The free Houzz Kids Rooms app is an ideal place to get ideas for decorating your kids’ rooms, from that presh nursery to the posh teen hangout. Flip through the hundreds of photos of children’s rooms in different categories, from babies, toddlers, kids ages 4-10, to teens, and find so much inspiration, you and your picky child might even agree on some of it. 

Girls' room design inspiration by Houzz | Cool Mom Tech

If you’re just in the market for specific kids’ furniture, like a play table or a bouncy seat, take a look at their gear section, where you can flip through a comprehensive online catalog. The styles range from very chic (and pricy!) to durable (and cheap!).

Houzz Kids Room app | Cool Mom Tech


Personally, I could spend hours looking through their articles on decorating rooms that will grow with your kids, setting up ideal homework spaces, or creative imaginative play areas for your kids. Like, say this $40,000 pirate ship bedroom. 

Kids' pirate room on Houzz Kids Rooms | Cool Mom Tech

Yeah, not for everyone. 

It’s great eye candy on the go, and a source of inspiration that’s easier to search and better photographed than a lot of what’s on Pinterest. In fact some of the rooms here have me craving a redesign of my own. We’ve come a long way from the bed-in-a-bag at the discount box store, mamas. –Kate

Download the Houzz Kids Rooms app for iOS for free!