If you’re a graphic designer, a photographer or a picky decorator, I’m excited about this new app that’s designed to help you in an amazing new way. And not surprisingly, it’s getting a ton of buzz.

I think of it like Shazam, only for color.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Nix Color Sensor by Matthew Sheridan has just launched, and not surprisingly, it’s taking off like gangbusters.

It’s a little device you touch to a color you love–say you see the perfect brown leather jacket in a store, a paint color on a wall you adore, a vintage car in the most perfect robins egg blue, or even a lipstick color you are coveting. Scan it and will automatically store it accurately to your iPhone, Android or PC and convert it to color using RGB values (and others) for all sorts of uses.

You can also label it, to help keep your projects and colorful brainstorms organized in your pocket.

nix app screenshots | cool mom tech

I love the story that it was originally conceived by watching doctors work with burn victims and try to find the perfect skin color matches to help them out. But obviously it has lots more day-to-day applications for regular parents like me.

Say you’re decorating a nursery around a beddng set you love or a piece of great art; carry the “swatch” on your phone, and it will tell you just which brand makes a paint, wood stain, tile, or more in that color, as well as where to buy it near you. Instant Pinterest-worthy room!

And can you imagine how easy this would make finding coordinating bridesmaids dresses?

nix color sensor app | cool mom tech

The smaller pledge gifts are gone, but for $99 CAD, by its launch in February you’ll get one of the very first Nix Color Sensors and USB charging cable for $100 off the expected retail price.

Got a design project coming up? This could save you a zillion dollars in bad paint choices. Trust me. Been there. –Liz

Support the Nix Color Sensor now on Kickstarter and watch the really professional videos to leran more. Products are slated to ship February 2014.