I am absolutely fascinating by this affordable little bit of genius that I just spotted on Fab. Especially as, more and more, we are becoming spoiled with our cable-free existences.

The Adapt from Outdoor Technology (also the makers of the awesome Turtle Shell speaker we’ve featured) is rubberized, rugged little clip that turns any device with a 3.5mm audio jack into a Bluetooth-enabled one. Just pair your phone, laptop, or tablet with it, plug in even your old headphones, and suddenly they behave like fancy new Bluetooth ones.

Use the built in mic for conference calls, skip tracks, or pause–even if your phone or computer is halfway across the room. One full charge should get you about 5-6 hours of talk time.

Adapt Bluetooth converter | Cool Mom Tech

Adapt Bluetooth Headphone Adapter | Cool Mom Tech

The clip is designed for outdoor use, but you don’t have to be a biker to see the possibilities. I think it’s genius for parents who are letting their kids listen to music in the back seat or on the plane; they wear the headphones, you hold onto your own phone or tablet and keep the volume at a reasonable level.  Nice. –Liz

Find the Adapt from Outdoor Tech in 5 colors for $39.95. Or if you’re a Fab, member, find them there for a limited time and get free 3-day shipping with orders $49+.

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