I’m all for kids getting to use my iPad to color and create. But I love getting them offline to do the same with old-fashion crayons and markers too. (Remember those?) Here’s an app company that’s doing both.

supercrayon alien coloring app for iOS | cool mom picks

halloween coloring app by supercrayon | cool mom picks

The Silly Aliens Supercrayon coloring app has wonderful illustrations created by real cartoonists, not free clip art. Your kids will have 27 wonderful creatures to turn into their own, save, and even print and share.

What I also like is that you can visit their website, Supercrayon.com, to find a basic little animated tutorial on how to draw a Halloween cartoon monster. Simple animation talks them through it step by step, and considering how much my kids loved learning how to draw Mo Willems’ Pigeon, it’s a guaranteed hit even when October is over.

how to draw halloween monster | cool mom picks

halloween coloring page printables | cool mom tech

There are also more than a dozen free Halloween coloring pages ready for download, which should keep kids more occupied over the next few weeks than trying to sneak open the candy corn. –Liz

Buy the Silly Aliens Supercrayon coloring app at the app store for $.99, and get the printables on Supercrayon.com for free. Please note the iOS app is not yet compatible with iOS 7.