I’m the type of person who loves to be organized. It’s embarrassing admitting that school supply shopping tops my list of fun stuff to do. But when it comes to calendars, I’m kind of a stick in the mud. I mean, even though we’ve reviewed a lot of the best calendar apps, I’ve been perfectly happy to stick with iCal to organize everything my family does. I’m usually wary of new calendar apps because I really don’t want to have to start from scratch, you know?

Well, let me just say…Ive been converted.

Before I get carried away with how beautiful the Mynd Calendar app’s interface is–I mean, those clean lines and muted colors can put me at ease on even the most hectic day–let’s talk ease of use.

Mynd is like having a virtual assistant who’s gorgeous, funny, and always on the clock. I downloaded the app for free then the pretty home screen opened up and asked for permission to access my calendar so all my events were immediately available in Mynd. (Also new events I made in Mynd also showed up on my laptop and iPad in iCal, thank you!). Then it asked to access contacts, locations, and so on.

I usually say no, but Mynd gets my permission. Here’s why.

Mynd | CMT | daily schedule

When Mynd sees I have an event coming up (tonight it’s a non-profit meeting, then off to Cub Scouts), it warns me how much driving time I need in light of traffic patterns. It lets me know the weather at the time of the meeting so I can adjust plans if I need to. And if I were a jet-setting mom, it would tell me the weather here at home and where I’m headed.

Mynd | CMT | color coded

Mynd links to Evernote so I can get all my notes about both meetings in the event reminders. It links to the other leaders, so I can call them directly from my Mynd reminder if I need something. And each event is color coded, just like it is in iCal, so I can see where my kids and husband are too.

Mynd | CMT | push reminder

Oh, I’m not even close to over; Mynd will send you a push notification when you’re running late. It will dial directly into a conference call for you–no need to fumble with access codes. And at the end of the day, when I’m exhausted and ready to relax, Mynd sends me a little message: “Free at last! You have no more events today. Now, time to hit that bucket list.” –Kate

 Mynd Calendar is available free for iOS devices.

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