My husband and I really want our kids to learn to appreciate other cultures, which means we have to actively seek out ways to expose them to other cultures, and here’s a wonderful new one.

One Globe Kids was created by a multi-cultural, globe-trotting mom with a passion for cultural awareness. So she’s crossed the planet to spend time with fourteen children in The Netherlands, Burundi, New York City, Israel, Indonesia and beyond, turning the visits into an amazing, interactive experience for kids who don’t have the chance to travel the globe, all right on your PC or iPhone.

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With the One Globe Kids iOS app, you have access to these stories in the format of interactive ebooks. Hundreds of real-life pictures and first person narration bring the day-in-the-life stories to life, and by following their daily routines or learning about special holidays, I found my kids were really engaged. And learning.

The app is free and includes Valdo’s story from Haiti, however each additional story is a $1.99 in-app purchase. It sounds like a lot, but each one is assembled like an interactive choose-your-own-adventure story. So your kids get to help other kids decide what to do with their days, making it a fresh story each time they read.

One Globe Kids | Cool Mom Tech | Aji's story

I really like the interactive Q&A section, where the featured child asks a question, and your child’s answer is recorded in the app, making it feel like a conversation. There’s info on history, geography, some simple vocabulary words in other langauges, and the ability count along with their new friends. These extra features will keep your elementary age kids interested, while the stories will appeal even to your preschoolers.

Rest assured One Globe Kids is not a social network–there’s no way to communicate through the app, but it will still feel that way to your kids which they’ll think is cool. So as a parent I can let my kids freely explore the globe and learn to appreciate and respect people who live differently than we do. Next step: plane tickets. –Kate

One Globe Kids is free online and for iOS devices