Star Wars fans will be happy that that cheap plastic R2D2 wrist watch you might have had as a kid (Happy Meal prize perhaps?) is all grown up just like you. Holiday gift alert!

star wars luke skywalker watch | cool mom tech


At Think Geek, there’s an amazing selection of designer Star Wars watches that I would have died for as a kid, but don’t have to save 30 week’s allowance for now. These are so well made, unless you’re getting the bright white Stormtrooper or the iconic R2D2, you’d have to look twice to even realize it’s not just a high end stainless watch with lots of gizmos and a fine leather band.

star wars stormtrooper watch | cool mom tech

star wars boba fett watch | cool mom tech

star wars r2d2 watch | cool mom tech

While it’s hard to choose just one, Luke Skywalker is easily my favorite design with the retro CS Anderson style design, details like the tiny Rebel symbol on the hour hand, and a compass for helpful navigating your way around Dagobah. Or you know, Brooklyn.

That said you will have to choose just one; even at $199 each, these watches are hot tickets and Think Geek is limiting purchases to one per customer. I’d say save your Druggats and get one now. Pegats and Wupiupi also accepted. –Liz

Find designer Star Wars watches online at Think Geek while they last.