Ever have that situation where you don’t want to type a text and it would be easier to just leave a voicemail, but you don’t exactly want to have to make a phone call either? (I know, we’re so spoiled in this digital age). Well, here’s the app that you’re going to want to know about.

I thought I was so hip and now for downloading Voxer, which allows you to send live audio messages, texts and pics in real time. But then I connected with my address book contacts and saw that while a few of my more social media savvy friends were on–even more of my friends’ children had accounts.

In other words, if your kids have their own mobile devices (or steal yours), this is a good one for parents to know about either way.

Essentially Voxer turns your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone into a walkie-talkie. And trust me, it’s hard to resist saying “breaker 1-9, breaker 1-9” every time I send a message.

(Yeah, I never knew what any of that CB jargon meant either, but it’s still fun to say.)

I’m really liking the simple interface that allows you to just hold down a button and record a message. You’ve hardly finished before you can get one back, which is fantastic.

voxer app screenshot for windows | cool mom tech

You can also send texts, photos, or location info (though I turned my location services off), and can send group messages which can be incredibly convenient when you need to remind six friends about a change in dinner reservation, instead of calling them all in a row. Or set up a group “chat” and everyone can contribute info without having to set up a conference call.

It’s really perfect for parents in so many ways. I have divorced friends who love hearing little messages from their children on their phones when they’re not together; and it’s perfect for parents who travel too. There are times I’ve been in a different time zone and want to leave a good morning message for my girls while they’re asleep. And the best part is that it’s so easy for them to leave one right back when they get up, without incurring the phone charges. (Just data charges if you’re overseas.)

voxer app screenshot contact list | cool mom tech

Of course, a few watch-outs for parents to talk to their kids about: Location services, obviously. But also, Voxer makes it easy to save any audio file and instantly email it or post to social media networks. In other words, your private messages may not be private forever. Welcome to the digital age, kids. Sigh. –Liz

Download the Voxer app for free for iOSAndroid and yes, even Windows Phones