If you love giving your kids access to ebooks but hate having to buy them a la carte, check out the new ebook library recently launched by Zuuka, one of the oldest and best resources in the ebook world.

iStoryTime | Cool Mom Tech | book page

Over the last few years, iStoryTime has been building up an amazing library of ebooks for kids, many of them featuring licensed characters from the likes of DreamWorks, Cartoon Network, Sony, and PBS. You get four free titles with the download (available on iOS right now), and most of them are narrated by the same voices you’ll hear in the movies, which is a nice touch. 

Now of course this isn’t literature–they’re stories focused more on entertainment than education, and of course on promoting the franchises. But that can be a treat once in a while even for kids who tend to be enchanted with E.B. White and Roald Dahl.

iStoryTime | Cool Mom Tech | preview pane

My favorite feature about iStoryTime is that your kids see no pop-up ads or prompts to buy more books in the app. Also smart: Parents access the store separately, so you don’t continually have to tell your kids no while they’re on the app.

iStoryTime | Cool Mom Tech | parents store

When you log in to the store, you can add more titles to your kids’ library for around $3, and you get the chance to preview them before you purchase. Or what makes more sense is to pay the $5 montly subscription fee for access to their complete library. You also also have the option to earn points toward free books in the store by responding to ads–but hey, at least it’s you responding and not your kids. –Kate

Download iStoryTime’s library for iOS for free and then pay per title or for monthly subscriptions.