Don’t tell our beloved, drooly Black Lab, but my kids have been spending an awful lot of time with another adorable pooch. This one has been sneaking into their hearts with a series of totally cute iPad stories that combine funny storytelling, adorable doggie shots, and lots of cool features that hold their interest. And the lastest story in this pooch’s adventurous life is the best one yet.

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Millie’s Crazy Dinosaur Adventure app for iOS takes Millie from her friend Kitty’s birthday party back in time to the land of dinosaurs in a zany little story involving forgotten presents and handmade time machines. It’s just like the stories my kids used to come up with: High on creativity, low on probability, but just perfect anyway.

One of my favorite things about Millie’s Crazy Dinosaur Adventure are the “Story Switch” moments that let kids choose what happens next in the story. These story switches don’t change the entire outcome of the story, but they are all pretty cleverly done and add a some variety, which especially important if your kids hop on to this app as often as mine have.

The charming narrator walks the kids through the story, which includes plenty of touch-screen features that will have kids lingering over each page. With so much to explore on each page, I think it’s better suited to an iPad than the smaller screen of an iPhone.

And if the kids decide to bring Millie to bed, Bedtime Mode will hide the games and dim the screen so as to not rev them up too much at bedime. Plus, this dog won’t shed on their covers. Christina

Millie’s Crazy Dinosaur Adventure, Millie Was Here Book 3 is available for iOS on iTunes.

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