We love companies that consistently try to improve their already-pretty-fab products, so we’re enthusiastic to tell you that SquareHub, a social networking app made just for families that we love, is branching out to Android families now too with some other nifty features.


If you’re not familiar with SquareHub, it’s a cool, free app that allows you to connect with any of your family members in your own, safe social network. Stop trying to keep up with group texts or having to broadcast your schedule on Facebook–SquareHub is streamlined, with the ability to send messages or photos to specific family members or the entire group.

You can send to-do lists, create events, give location details, and my personal face, create a “Family Bucket List” of things to do together with links and details. In our tech-y world, the creators of SquareHub liken their product to a digital family room, and we’d say that’s about right.

There are two new feature in the amped SquareHub; Android support and the debut of Family Sharing, in which a family can choose to share photos and messages with extended family members and close friends, even if they do not have full access to the family’s network. The responses all show up in the family’s message feed which, of course, keeps everyone safe and in the loop. That way parents always know who is seeing your 10 year-old’s fake mustache pictures, or who your teen is sending her current location too–every second of every day, most likey.

We’re big fans of SquareHub, clearly, for its simplicity and connectivity and family-friendliness. And most of all, safety, in an increasingly anxiety-provoking digital world. –Shari

Learn more about SquareHub on their website, and be one of the first to download the SquareHub Android app from Google Play, or the updated version for iOS.