By far, the toys that my kids have gotten the most mileage out of are the ones they use for pretend play. Their active imaginations are ageless, and as you start thinking holiday gifts, consider that it doesn’t necessarily take a real tech toy to engage a young mind–or let them imitate their snap-happy parents.

This awesome wooden toy camera from Australian shop Egg + Yolk is one of those toys that any kid would adore. While we’ve featured great toy cameras for kids before, what’s special about this one are the interchangeable magnetic lenses.

I can see preschoolers pretending to take pictures of each other (and you) with it, telling you to hold on while they select just the right lens for the shot. And I bet that even bigger kids would continue to play with it–it’s the perfect accessory for all sorts of pretend play games. In fact, I know a few tweens who would have loved to use it during a recent slumber party game of Project Runway.

You might be surprised what kids will cherish, especially when it’s built to last. Julie

Find this wooden toy camera and interchangeable lenses at Egg + Yolk. Note it ships from Australia. 

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