If there’s one word to describe my life since becoming a mom of two, it’s scattered. And also distracted. And busy. Luckily, there’s now a terrific new app called The Daily Mom that aggregates all the news that parents need to know online into one handy place.

This iOS app draws from dozens of content sources you probably already follow–in fact, we’re extra proud that Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech are two of the feeds included, along favorite sites like Pop Sugar, Apartment Therapy, Design Mom, plus the big guys like  CNN and NBC News.  It’s basically a newsroom combined with a one-stop mom blog hop.

Drill down to peruse well-curated stories on the topics that interest you, from health to style to news, check their source and post time to see how fresh they are, then you can even share favorites with friends on social media. The layout is quick to master, bright and clean. And believe me, it’s super easy to get lost reading story after story.

(Although I probably didn’t need to check out those pics of Halle Berry and Beyonce in bikinis the week after Thanksgiving. Eeep.)

There’s also a weather app and a cool Countdown tab that lets you know how many days are left until all the major and minor holidays which can be super helpful. I had no idea that National Chocolate Day was next week.

I do wish that the Recipe and Style tabs had more than one daily entry, but tip: click on Blogs, and there’s a tab for Fashion with oodles of style-related content.

How great that there’s an app that really is aimed at moms as whole people, instead of just focusing on raising children and link-baiting mommy wars stories. About time. And definitely worth my $1.99.

Find The Daily Mom app for $1.99 on iTunes for iPhone and iPad.

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