Texting is a challenge in the brutally cold and mostly bundled winter months. (Oh, our first word problems!) We’ve recently covered a ton of gorgeous touchscreen gloves but I also love that the recent trend of fingerless gloves is perfectly suited to those of us who who need to text, type and post in the negative degrees–and often more affordable. So check out these perfectly playful fingerless heart gloves from the Yastikizi Etsy shop. What a fun, handmade, full-of-love gift for a tween or teen. Or even you.

If hearts aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other cute, hand-stitched motifs. Hooray for those who acknowledge the need for love, warmth and the company of the smartphone on cold waits at the bus stop. –Stephanie M

Shop the Yastikizi shop for these adorable handmade fingerless gloves, perfect for texting.