Today for our Holiday Tech Gifts 2013 guide, we’re thrilled to bring you the very coolest photography gifts for your favorite shutterbug. This year saw so many incredibly cool launches to make photography more fun, whether you’re committed to your DSLR or just love snapping with your smartphone. We’d be thrilled to unwrap any one of these gifts.


Coolest Photography Gifts - Sony Smart Lens | Cool Mom Tech

Sony QX10 Smart Lens ($250, Photojojo; $500 for the QX100)

This may be the photo gift that rocked our worlds most this year. Strap it to your phone to give your basic smartphone photos a serious Sony lens makeover–or better, use it on its own as a fully functioning camera, only without a camera body. It connects to your phone via a proprietary WiFi signal and your images show up on your roll automatically. The results: Fantastic.

Sony Lens QX100 | Cool Mom Tech

If you really want to go all out, splurge on the QX100. You’ll have 20MP, a 4x zoom, and a sweet, sweet Zeiss lens. Save $5 automatically if you order anything at Photojojo through this link.

[QX100 photo credit: Jon Armstrong]


Gifts for photographers - GoPro Hero 3 | Cool Mom Tech

GoPro Hero 3 Camera ($199.99, Target)
We all were smitten with the original GoPro and now it’s back with an even more affordable version. And in this case, smaller and lighter is actually an advantage. Strap it to handlebars, a surfboard, a skateboard helmet and get truly amazing wide-angle stills or film that puts the viewer right in the action. Or hey, go diving with it; it’s waterproof to close to 200-feet. This is one for the adventurer, the sports enthusiast, or just someone who wants the latest, greatest thing in photography. Don’t forget to grab an SD Memory Card too.

Gifts for photographers - DIY lomocam kit | Cool Mom Tech

 Konstructor Build Your Own Camera Set ($35, Lomography Store)
Part DIY project gift, part educational toy, and all camera, this kit has everything you need to build and decorate your own 35mm lomocam. It’s a way cooler way to understand camera mechanics than reading about it online. The kit is appropriate for people 12 and up but we’re thinking way, way up.

Gifts for photographers - Epiphanie Madison camera bag | Cool Mom Tech

Epiphanie Madison Camera Bag ($224.99 , Epiphanie with free ship)
This camera bag from Maile Wilson looks as gorgeous as any designer tote, yet with tons of thoughtfully placed compartments to accommodate your SLR camera, extra lenses, flash, battery pack, wallet, keys–and even a 15″ laptop. Should you be carrying all that at once you’ll be glad it converts from a shoulder bag to a backpack. Each of the four colors are gorgeous.


Gifts for photographers - camera puzzle | Cool Mom TechCamera Jigsaw Puzzle ($24, Uncommon Goods)
We love this 500-piece puzzle photographed by Portland photographer Jim Golden. So much so that when you put it together, you probably won’t want to take it apart.

Gifts for photographers - Lomokino stop motion camera | Cool Mom TechLomokino Stop Motion Movie Camera ($135, Uncommon Goods)
Here’s one for the budding filmmaker. If you like what you see from the filters on your Instagram account, you’ll love creating that vintage look in-camera on good old-fashioned 35mm film. Even more old-fashioned, there’s no sound, no instant payback, and you have to crank a handle to advance the film at your own rate. Don’t worry, you can still digitize the film with a smartphone mount. YouTube awaits.


Gifts for photographers - Polaroid locket necklace | Cool Mom Tech

Wooden Polaroid Camera Necklace Locket ($34.99, Iluxo)
With enough room inside to store a tiny meaningful object, among gifts for photographers, this handmade wooden necklace inspired by a Polaroid SX-70 could be the most romantic of all. It’s also available as a Leica or a Rolleiflex, if you’re feeling more retro than the 70’s.


Gifts for photographers - Projecteo Instagram projector | Cool Mom Tech

Projecteo Mini Instagram Photo Projector ($34.98, Projecteo)
Remember the days that your grandparents would pull out the slide projector to share the family photos? Now you can do that, only smaller. Way smaller. And with Instagram photos. Each slide wheel holds 9 images but be warned–you can’t stop at one.

Gifts for photographers - Couch camera strap | Cool Mom Tech

Couch Camera Strap ($22-39, Couch Strap)
We love this California company’s handmade, sturdy, upcycled camera straps made from all sorts of materials. This one? 80’s Mercedes upholstery. So we guess it really is the Mercedes of camera straps.


Gifts for photographers - Instax mini camera | Cool Mom Tech

Instax 90 Neo Classic Instant Camera ($225, Photojojo + film)
This tiny little instant film camera from Fuji is super fun. Think Polaroid…only with six shooting modes, adjustable shutter speeds, and a self-timer that lets you do way more than flap your fingers and wait for the print to dry.


Gifts for photographers - Tattly camera tattoo set | Cool Mom Tech

Tattly Temporary Tattoo Photography Set ($15, Tattly)
Considering they’re all designed by indie artists with a thing for photography and graphic design, it’s no surprise you can get a kit just dedicated to camera-themed temporary tattoos. Fun way to wear your aperture on your sleeve.


Gifts for photographers - iPhone 5s | Cool Mom Tech

Apple iPhone 5S ($199+ at the Apple Store)
If you know a dedicated iPhonographer who’s still got a 4/4S, trust us. The iSight camera alone makes this an amazing upgrade. The sensor is larger, the pixels are bigger, the flash is way improved. And it is so much fun playing with burst mode, panoramic shots, and even slow-mo video. Oh right. It’s also a phone.