The browser KidZui has been one of the best ways for kids to explore the Internet safely for a few years now, and we’re so excited to learn they’re going mobile with the new KidZui app. Especially with all those new tablets and devices coming in for the holidays, and considering one of the questions we get most from our readers is how to make a tablet safe for kids.

UPDATE 2016: Kidzui is no longer in existence. RIP. 

One of the top answers: Use a safe browser. And I love KidZui because it’s both safe and fun. Kids still have access to over 6 million sites, curated in a process to make sure that the content they’re looking at is age-appropriate. Kids can bookmark favorite sites, play games, watch videos (including safe YouTube clips) and browse a huge content library, just like any browser. And it’s COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and CARU (Children’s Advertising Reviewing Unit) compliant.

I find the content on KidZui will appeal even to older elementary age kids. In fact, you can search by age, and I am so glad that when I looked through “Girls 7 and Older” I found stuff like MiniGolf, Math Man, and Lorax Conservatory alongside the expected Disney Princesses and Wedding Makeovers games. (Not our favorites.)

Unfortunately, the boys’ category didn’t live up, with pretty much stereotypical boy games that are light on the arts or creativity.

Psst, KidZui…boys like cooking games too.

KidZui search categories | Cool Mom Tech

It’s nice to know that even if you can’t see the small tablet screen your kid is on from across the room, you can still rest assured that they’re safe with KidZui as their browser.

Download the KidZui app for your iOS device. Don’t worry, it’s coming for Android soon!