This week, parents–and anyone else with an iota of common sense–expressed outrage over the discovery of the Barbie Plastic Surgery App, whose name was soon changed to Barbara for legal reasons. As for ethical changes? Not so much. The app, rated for kids 9+ (just the age they should be fretting about their thighs)  describes “Barbara” as an unfortunate girl with so much extra weight that no diet can help her. Kids are then instructed to go to  clinic for liposuction to “make her slim and beautiful” after which they get to slice up her face graphically.

I only wish I were kidding.

While there’s a ton of buzz about this app which has since been pulled, we looked into the developer, Corina Rodriguez, and it seems she (it?) has a whole bunch of soulless, ethically-devoid, WTF-is-she-thinking children’s apps on the app store. They are all free, and not surprisingly, packed with pop-up ads with every click.

corina rodriguez app - beauty nurse makeover acne | cool mom tech

My favorite part: half of them are filed under Kids-Educational. Because four-year-olds need to be educated on the horrors of hairy legs, nurses who exist purely for your ogling pleasure, and how it’s appropriate to show up to the dentist wearing a bikini. What are those iTunes store standards again?

Beauty Nurse Makeover & Dress up & Acne Office 
Do you like a nurse?Beautiful female nurse, she is very Beautiful oh Unfortunately, her face covered with acne, come help her do some beauty to improve skin!
Age rating: 4+


corina rodriguez - babe dentist app | cool mom tech corina rodriguez app - babe dentist dress up and makeover | cool mom tech

Babe Dentist & Babe Dress Up & Babe Makeover
This girl is very beautiful, but she has big problems with her teeth! Let’s eliminate this problem which prevents her from living a normal life!
Age rating: 4+


corina rodriguez app - barbie leg and foot surgery hospital

Leg & Foot Surgery & Doctor & Hospital Office for Barbie
Barbie got hit by a car this morning and according to her doctor’s x-rays she has a broken leg…help Barbie’s doctor take the best decision in her case, choosing from the three possible cures the one which seems more appropriate. 
Age rating: 9+


corina rodriguez app - leg and foot spa | cool mom tech

Leg and Foot Spa Holiday Season
A proper makeover is incomplete without silky smooth legs. You will have so many make up and dress up items available to carry out the makeover task
Age rating: 4+


corina rodriguez app - little girl bathroom makeover | cool mom tech

Little Girl Bathroom & Makeover & dress up & Spa
To be always pretty, nothing like a makeover and a visit to the spa.
Age rating: 4+


corina rodriguez app - salsa dance star | cool mom tech

Dance Star Makeover & Face & Nose & Eye & Acne & Dress up
Salsa is a dance star , she has a contest tonight and she must look just fabulous. Apply some facial beauty treatments in order to make her skin smooth. 
Age rating: 4+

And just because…

corina rodriguez - justin bieber hair app | cool mom tech

Hair Salon for Justin
Justin Bieber’s real haircut was an unique style for a boy, but the fans already got bored of the old style that Justin is using for his hair…You can also make your boyfriend’s haircut to see how would it match on Justin Bieber’s face.
Age rating: 4+

The legal department from Toca Boca might want to take a look at this one.

To learn how to set parental controls on iOS devices, we can help.