We love the way that Minecraft challenges our kids without imposing limits on their creativity, and we especially love to see our daughters building (non-princess) castles in the sky, engaging their creativity, and getting some unexpected education subtly slipped in there. Check out our guide on how to get started on Minecraft if your kids are think they’ll dig digging. If they’re already fans, check out these three cute Minecraft shirts for girls we found that might be the perfect fit–in every way.

Note that each of these sites has multiple Minecraft shirts available for girls and boys of all ages. It really is hip to be square.

Hip to be Square Minecraft tee from Threadless
Why yes, Minecraft is hip. That’s why this shirt is also available for babies, women, and men. We love the black and pink combo, and it would be great bundled with one of these cool Minecraft gifts. ($12, on sale)

Minecraft Pork Chop shirt for girls | Cool Mom Tech

Pork Chops Minecraft tee from ThinkGeek
Mmm. A whole pig worth of delicious pork chops. Nice to see the pop of bright blue when most Minecraft shirts focus on brown and green, and I think the pink is subtle enough to keep it being too typically girlie. It’s tough to stay away from pink if the pink is meat, right? ($9.99 on sale)

We also found some free Minecraft printables that will let you build that delicious pig in 3D. Mmm…bacon.

Minecraft Ghost Ghostbusters tee for girls | Cool Mom Tech

Minecraft Ghost tee from Justice
Okay, so maybe we didn’t expect a cool Minecraft/Ghostbusters mash-up from Justice, so we’re really excited to see the chain appealing to geeky girls.  And look, Ma: No glittter!  (On sale, 40% off.)