While there were new mobile phone cases galore at the International CES this year–plenty of which we’ll be sharing in the coming days and weeks–I think one that you might be most interested in comes from parent fave, OtterBox. They’re already known for their super durable cell cases which protect your precious phone from drops, bumps, dust, scratches, and grabby toddlers. And now, with the OtterBox Commuter Wallet, OtterBox could protect you from losing your credit cards, too.

I know there are plenty of occasions you don’t need your entire bag–like a quick walk to the coffee shop on the corner, or a trip to the gym. Still, you want to grab your phone and maybe a few bucks and an ID. That’s where the Commuter Wallet comes in. It’s smartly designed in three colors, with a sliding wallet drawer in the back where you can stash up to 3 cards and a bill. (Or one card and a few bills?)

The Commuter feels great in your hand, the back wallet is easy to slide open and closed, and it’s still very lightweight and while it’s not back-pocket slim, it’s not hugely bulky like iPhone wallets tend to be.

Now it doesn’t have a rubberized grip or strap that would make it more ideal for activities or workouts. But for times when you want just a phone and a few spare dollars with you, it’s probably the safest solution I’ve seen.

Find the OtterBox Commuter Wallet for iPhone 5/5S on the OtterBox website, or from our affiliate Amazon. Also, see our comparison of the OtterBox vs Lifeproof mobile phone cases, should you be trying to decide between them.

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