Remember when you used to sit lazily on a Sunday morning with a huge cup of coffee and read the paper? I call it the BK era (before kids) and clearly some of the developers of theĀ Umano appĀ for iOS and AndroidĀ feel it too. This app was designed to read the news to you from all your favorite news sources, even if you’reĀ making lunch or browsing Facebook at the same time.

Umano compiles current news articles and stories from top publishers like theĀ New York Times, Huffington Post, The Atlantic,Ā andĀ Salon, to name a few, covering a wide swath of interests from lifestyle to technology and business.Ā The most popular articles populate the news feeds of each pub, letting you scroll through and choose which articles you like. You can even save them for later, like anĀ RSS reader.

But what makes this app incredibly cool is that these articles are read to you out loud. By real people. No robotic and staccato-y voices (no offense, Siri), but actual humans who are voice actors, in fact.

Umano app that reads news to you | Cool Mom Tech

The voices are crisp and soothing and it gives the readings a very NPR-esque feel. So at the gym, getting ready in the morning, driving or lounging at home, you can pop in earplugs or simply broadcast it through your home sound systemĀ and get your fill of interesting for the day. Kind of like a podcastĀ of constantly changing topics that you never want to stop listening to.

It will probably be a while before I get back to those Sunday mornings with the paper, but until then, I’m perfectly happy with a cup of coffee and my Umano.

Umano appĀ is available for free on iTunes and Google Play. Premium memberships are available for $3.99/month that offer additional features like the ability to download articles to your smartphone, customized playlists and more.Ā 

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