We here at Cool Mom Tech have always appreciated stylish tech. And designers have certainly been catching on, if you look back at the Juicy Couture USB bracelet we featured way back when, along with the ever-growing number of top designers like Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg making their own tech gadgets and covers. And now there’s one more entry into the world of fashionable tech: Cuff, a cool safety device that launched for pre-orders yesterday.

Cuff is a device which syncs with its own iOS app, and allows you to stay safe by sharing your location and medical info with friends, family, or anyone else you’ve invited to keep track of you–or vice versa–without so much as a text.

Cuff safety app | Cool Mom Tech

If you need to send an SOS, just press your own Cuff and anyone in your network will feel their own buzz, like a phone on vibrate. If they aren’t wearing their Cuff, then their iPhone will receive an alert that you are trying to reach them, along with with  pertinent info like medical history, allergies, and your exact location.

It’s a smart system for all kinds of people who might need to wear a safety device, but what’s really brilliant is that it’s designed to fit into all kinds of accessories, depending on your taste or outfit. That’s a far cry from the medical alert bracelets of the olden days.

To top it off, it’s completely waterproof and the battery stays charged for an entire year. (No USB charging, yay!) And I really like that it continues to send out your alert until there’s a response.

the selah from cuff: wearable safety tech | cool mom tech

the j from cuff: wearable safety tech | cool mom tech

the mia from cuff: wearable safety tech | cool mom tech

the lisa from cuff: wearable safety tech | cool mom tech

I can think of myriad uses for this: Your teen on a date , an elderly parent, or a child with serious food allergies. It can even be just for me running around town, wanting my sitter or my kids to know where I am and what I’m up to even if I’m not somewhere I can pull out a phone, like if I’m driving or in a movie that’s running way longer than expected.

Besides, stylish accessories that actually keep you and your family safe are pretty easy to justify, at least in my book.

You can pre-order Cuff safety jewelry on the Cuff website starting today.