It sometimes appears that my kids’ devotion to Minecraft borders on fanatical. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was their screentime of choice tonight even over the Super Bowl. Rather than fight the love, I’m choosing to embrace it with these awesome video game propaganda posters from Cool Mom Picks fave Aaron Wood, creator of the social media propaganda posters we discovered a while ago.

From Minecraft to Halo, and even old school favorites like Zelda, Pac Man, and Tetris, Wood’s designs distill the mission down to a single word or two, brought to life with authentic propaganda style art. I’m dying to get the two Minecraft posters and frame them side by side in my son’s room.

Minecraft propaganda poster | Cool Mom Tech

Pac Man propaganda poster | Cool Mom Tech

Halo propaganda poster | Cool Mom Tech

Tetris propaganda poster | Cool Mom Tech

They don’t all work as well as others (I’d love another Mario Bros option that feels more true to the classic Eastern Bloc poster style) but what I really love about the designs that do work is how I can indulge my kids’ gaming obsession with great design, all at a reasonable price. Or hey, maybe mine; I play a mean game of Tetris.

Find video game propaganda posters at Just One Scarf on Etsy