With the trend of wearable tech becoming enormous this year, I’ve had my eye on all the new wearable tech gadgets that keep popping up. I mean, what self-respecting geek hasn’t? But one thing missing has been Apple’s contribution, which is why the iWatch concept caught my eye.

Granted, it’s only a concept, but I think design pro Todd Hamilton is on the right track, combining two of the most popular wearable tech gadgets out there–the Pebble Smartwatch and the Fitbit–into a really sleek looking bracelet that’s actually a phone.

Not just any phone, but a completely functional smartphone; this one equipped with Siri, a modified home screen, swipe action, a home button, Bluetooth connectivity–the whole Get Smart package.

Todd Hamilton iWatch Concept | Cool Mom Tech

Of course, there’s been rumors about Apple releasing an iWatch for years now, and given the popularity of wearable tech gadgets, we imagine one will be out soon. Also, we vote for Cupertino to pick up Todd’s design.

Learn more about the really cool iWatch concept gadget by Todd Hamilton. Also read this wonderful Tech Radar piece on the Apple iWatch rumors and laugh.

[h/t cnet]