Lucky kids. In the olden days, we learned numbers from boring flashcards, but our fortunate progeny have a sweet monster floating in a bathtub wearing a shower cap as their instructor right from an iPad. Just as we loved The Lonely Beast ABCs for alphabet learning, Chris Judge’s popular character, Lonely Beast, now teaches numbers in the Lonely Beast 123 counting app for iOS with charm, lovely graphics and some subtle fart humor. (Yes, there is such a thing.)

From the opening image of a sweet little home in the woods, you know that you’re in for some whimsical fun–and the Beast does not disappoint, counting everything in his house from the ducks in his bathtub (insert subtle fart humor here) to the flowers in his garden to the stars above his head as he sits quietly on his roof).

Lonely Beast 123 app by Chris Judge | Cool Mom Tech

Lonely Beast 123 counting app for kids | Cool Mom Tech

Young children will learn to count from 1 to 12 through these interactive flash cards, and perhaps a few other things; if your toddler touches the frying pan that the 4 eggs are sizzling in, the Beast will make an ouch sound; when one of the 7 birds poops on the Beast’s head, he makes a mildly aggravated grunt. Good lessons to learn in real life, right?

Find the Lonely Beast 123 counting app  for iPhone and iPad on iTunes for $1.99.