Since the Consumer Electronic Show, we have introduced you to Jetsons-like homes and smart appliances that we can only imagine in our futures. But there were also a lot of very cool smart appliances on display that you can get right now, like this sensor mirror from simplehuman.

This “smart” mirror from the makers of the sensor trash can we love, has a built-in sensor that is triggered when a face approaches it, causing the huge 5x magnified mirror to gorgeously light up with a bright, natural LED light. Of course that means you can see everything. Everything. The clarity of the mirror is flawless–although I wish I could say the same for my complexion.

simplehuman sensor mirror | Cool Mom Tech

Is it pricey? Yes, it is. You need to be someone who would own a light-up mirror at your vanity to begin with, and likes the idea of a high-tech upgrade. Or you know, a kid who wants to play with it in a dark room.

The sensor mirror smart mirror can be purchased for $200 from the simplehuman site and lots of retailers coming soon.