All hail the new Spoiler Shield app, a mobile app whose time has come. It’s very rare that I watch TV in real time these days, and for so many of us, it’s all about Roku or DVR–which means we have to dodge all those spoilers on our social media feeds, especially for big events like the premier of House of Cards or a major episode of Downton Abbey. But thanks to Spoiler Shield, we can actually can be spared from that one friend (or more) on Twitter who can’t resist tweeting OMG HE KILLED HER?

(That’s a generic OMG HE KILLED HER by the way, so please don’t accuse us of any spoilers of your favorite show.)

This is a basic but awesome app for iOS, Android and Kindle that simply blocks Twitter or Facebook references to a particular show that you specify, whether it’s Dancing with the Stars, Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones or Top Chef. The app’s list of shows is pretty varied and they’re constantly adding new titles to the list.

Sports fans can also prevent having big games ruined with a tweet by blocking any pro football, baseball or basketball team. And for the Sochi-obsessed, you can even block all Olympics-related updates right now. Genius.

Just log into your Twitter or Facebook account through the app and designate what you want blocked. Tweet or status updates related to your choices are simply covered by a big blue banner with the Spoiler Shield crest. And if you simply can’t stand the being in the dark about what disgusting thing Joffrey did on Game of Thrones this week, a double-click on the banner is all that is needed to unlock what’s underneath.

Now that social media is covered, you just need to keep everyone you talk to in real life from yapping about it. Also, the table next to you in the coffee shop.

Spoiler Shield is available for free in iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store

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