I’ve been predicting for a while now that soon, every home will be equipped with USB electrical outlets. It’s clear that our tech is moving in that direction, with more and more gadgets charging via USB instead of traditional 15 amp plugs. And when they look as great as the Legrand Adorne USB Outlet, well sign me up for a whole house full of them.

The Adorne brand is known as a line of switches and dimmers that look as pretty as the rest of your fixtures. And while the white or steely magnesium will look just perfect in my own home, I can’t help but admire the huge range of wall plate colors, from cherry to turquoise to your own customizable wall plate patterns which you can order through local lighting boutiques.

Legrand Adorne pop-out outlet | Cool Mom Tech


While you’re there, you have to take a look at the Adorne pop-out outlet which, with a push of a button, pops out of the wall to reveal the three-pronged outlet. It’s like built-in baby proofing.

Find the Legrand Adorne USB Outlet in white at our Amazon affiliate for $19.98 each, and the Adorne pop-out outlet for$39.98. You can check out the Adorne wall plates at Home Depot which also has a great selection of Legrand products. Get more info at the Legrand website.

[h/t tabulous]