I love the juxtaposition of high and low tech that comes with wood tech accessories and wooden gadget covers. But this wooden bluetooth keyboard takes the cake.

Made to order from a single piece of maple or walnut, the Oree Board from Oree Design on Etsy is one of the prettiest tech gadgets I’ve seen. And clearly, the best looking bluetooth keyboard by far. It really is a fully-functional keyboard that works with any tablet, smart phone, or computer that is bluetooth-enabled.

Oree Board wooden keyboard | Cool Mom Tech

Of course, handcrafted wooden tech gadgets custom made just for you in France are not necessarily budget-friendly, but if you use your bluetooth keyboard as much as I do, it might be worth it. And let’s be honest, I can hear the “oohs” and “aahs” already.

You can purchase the Oree Board at Oree Design on Etsy