I adore my iPad mini, which is why I protect it with a super durable iPad mini case, but I’d never realized how much more use I’d get out of it with the help of a smart stand. Thanks to the ingenious Compass 2 iPad stand from TwelveSouth, I do now.

If you recognize the name TwelveSouth, it’s because we’ve long admired this little company’s highly useful, beautifully designed accessories for Apple products, like the Book Arc for iPad and the SurfacePad case for iPhone and of course, our can’t-live-without-it PlugBlug dual charger for travel.  Their newest work of art, the Compass 2, is just as impressive.

Built like an easel, with steel construction and silicone padding, this iPad stand is super sturdy with a soft touch. Use it in the easel mode for FaceTime or watching videos, or flip down the secondary leg to turn it into a typing stand–though I think that feature is better suited to an iPad than a Mini.  You can use it even when your tablet is in a case, which I love, and it folds compactly for storage or travel.


Compass 2 iPad Stand - TwelveSouth | Cool Mom Tech

Compass 2 iPad Stand from TwelveSouth | Cool Mom Tech

My Compass 2 has taken up semi-permanent residence next to my MacBook. Semi-permanent, because now I hand it over to my husband when he makes dinner–so much better than hauling my laptop onto the counter and taking the chance that it might get splashed with olive oil or dusted with flour. And I’ll definitely take it along on my next plane trip and perch it securely on my tray table. This is one tech accessory that’s going to get a lot of use.

Get the Compass 2 iPad stand from TwelveSouth for $39.99 in red, silver, or black