Even if you’re not a Doctor Who fan, you’ve got to love this Doctor Who Mr. Potato Head (Dr. Potato Head?) with a fez. And if you are a Doctor Who fan, did you see the perfect little sonic screwdriver? Let me tell you: with that many eyes, this spud won’t blink.

Our pals at ThinkGeek are at it again with a six-inch tall  Sonic Spud Driver in the form of the 11th Doctor. He comes with his trademark fez and adorable bow-tie, not to mention a giant red nose and perfect hair. With fez. He has eight removable parts in all. you can probably stick that fez in his nose, if you really want to.

Our only question: When do we get the full set with all the Doctor parts? We need a trench coat and a scarf and a Tardis-shaped carry case. Not to mention some David Tennant hair. In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met a potato that wasn’t delicious.

Find the Sonic Spud Driver, i.e. a Doctor Who Mr. Potatohead at ThinkGeek. They say it’s for ages 2 and up, so you can start your Doctor Who fans early.