If you’re looking for an awesome geeky baby gift for a kid who you’re hoping will grow up to be the next Marissa Mayer or George Lucas or Carl Sagan, as luck will have it, there’s a ton. From onesies to nursery decor and board books, here are just a few of the wonderful geeky baby gift ideas we’ve fallen in love with.


Periodic Elements Building Blocks | Cool Mom Tech

The Periodic Table Building Blocks will look great in a newborn nursery, and as your baby grows, they could earn Most Favorite Toy status.  ($31, Uncommon Goods)

The techie baby nursery art on Etsy (at top) is modern, fun, and demonstrates it’s never too early to get to know that A is for Atom. ($39.95, Niko and Lily)

Star Wars baby mobile | Cool Mom Tech

I still have a thing for handmade mobiles, and this Star Wars crib mobile is awesome in every way. I love everything in the shop, though this is the only one that could have your baby dreaming of pod races on Tatooine. ($95, Drops of Color Shop)


Pythagorean Theorem baby blanket  | Cool Mom Tech

The Pythagorean Theorum baby blanket is a much better conversation starter in your new mom group than any other blanket or swaddler, guaranteed. ($38, Uncommon Goods)

Goodnight iPad book | Cool Mom Tech

Got enough copies of Goodnight Moon? Try Goodnight iPad from the pseudonymous Ann Droyd. ($10.60 from our affiliate Amazon)


Nintendo Controller baby onesie | Cool Mom Tech

This handmade classic Nintendo controller onesie is definitely a reference way before your baby’s time–and maybe before yours. ($18, Bitti Bottom Designs)

Handmade calculator baby teether | Cool Mom Tech


From the makers of the iPhone teether, there’s now a whole array of handmade geeky wooden baby teethers including a remote control teether, a calculator teether, and my favorite, the mix tape teether. ($12, 3 Princess Store)

Nerdy Numbers board book | Cool Mom Tech
Nerdy Numbers board book is perfect for those who want to teach their kids that Pi comes between 3 and 4. ($19.95, Think Geek)


Beta Baby Tee | Cool Mom Tech

I love this beta baby tee. Although really, aren’t we all in beta at any given moment?  ($20, snugfits)


Periodic Table Baby Posters | Cool Mom Tech

This set of three periodic elements baby posters just makes me happy.  While quite a few artist offer similar designs, I think these happen to be beautifully designed. ($48, Mr Pickwicks)

I'm Acute Baby Onesie from Geekling Designs | Cool Mom Tech

Even after years of looking at cute baby gifts of all kinds, I have to say the I’m acute baby onesie is still in the top ten. ($18 from Geekling Designs.)