Today’s a great day to grab a colorful new Dr. Seuss phone case on what would have been Theodore Geisel’s 110th birthday. Hey, it’s no Wocket in your pocket, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be too careful with your phone anyway.

Shadetree Photography’s Vintage Book Covers iPhone case (at top) looks like my kids’ own bookcase with some of their weathered Dr. Seuss book spines peeking out. Makes me want to run upstairs and read a few of his stories to them now. (for iPhone 4 or 5)



Dr. Seuss phone case by Matthew Taylor at Society6 | Cool Mom Tech

With its mix of whimsical type and playful colors, the Today You Are You Dr. Seuss phone case by Matthew Taylor is a real eye-catcher. In fact, many times I think it’ll be more interesting to look at than whatever email I’m checking on the other side. (for iPod Touch, iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy S4)


Dr Seuss phone case: Thing 1 at Red Bubble | Cool Mom Tech

I love Mark Walker’s Thing 1 phone case which shows off an image that will be familiar to anyone ages 5 to 85. Hopefully it won’t get you into as much trouble as the real Thing 1. (for iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy)


Oh the Places You'll Go mobile phone case at Society6 | Cool Mom Tech

I am so taken with the message of wanderlust on designer Chelsea Ward’s Oh, The Places You’ll Go Dr. Seuss phone case. What a great gift for a grad, or even just for yourself. Let’s just hope that the wherever the phone goes, we are with it. (for iPod Touch, iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy S4)


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