With the tremendous success of the Frozen movie, it’s no surprise that the massive Disney merchandising arm has included an app to go with it: The Frozen Free Fall game.  If you’re tired of your kids stealing your Candy Crush app (that’s Mommy’s special game, kids), then this is a great option for them. And it’s free. Mostly.

Free Fall realllly takes a page from Candy Crush in a huge way so it’s easy to figure out: Connect colored snowflakes in groups of three or more, drop items to the bottom, and earn special power-ups like ice picks and crystals and Anna’s torch and Elsa’s glacier power (very Wondertwins, right?)  to reach the level’s goal.

There are 120 levels and they start so easy that a preschooler can easily handle, then obviously get harder from there. Some say too hard. At which point of course you’re encouraged to purchase items to help you clear the level.

Definitely make sure your settings are locked down with password protection, to keep kids from killing you $.99 at at time for packs of snow and additional lives.


Frozen Free Fall Game | Cool Mom Tech

Provided you can stave off the in-app purchases, it’s a good game for kids that employs larger graphics for little fingers, and the addition of Frozen movie characters like Elsa and Anna as your “companions” for each level. Add charming sound effects and music and this is a fun choice.  Though I still prefer it with the sounds set to off.

One note: I know this whole in-app purchase stuff is a really lucrative business model. But with apps targeted towards kids 4+, especially from a company like Disney, I’d like to see more of them move towards a paid app model. It would be nice for a family brand to understand parents’ desire to eliminate the begging for just one more set of lives, Mom! Please? Personally, I’d rather spend my money on the Frozen Blu-Ray DVD.

Find the Frozen Free Fall app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Download is free but watch-out for in-app purchases.