I will freely admit that I had a little too much fun reviewing the Juxtaposer App for iOS with my kids. This compositing app lets you combine multiple pictures into a fun scene or photomontage, way more easily than Photoshop.

We thought about lots of silly scenes we could create by combining two photos. In the end, we decided on our backyard raccoon (don’t ask) visiting my daughter’s birthday dinner, complete with her Momofuku style cake.

Juxtaposer makes it simple and easy to make it all happen. You load two photos that you want to work with, pulling from your camera roll, Instagram, Facebook feed, and beyond. Using your finger, you simply erase away the parts you don’t want and leave the ones you do. You can even use two finger gestures to enlarge the photo you are working with and erase pixel by pixel, giving you a more polished effect. Plus your  brush can be sharp or blurry, based on how you want to blend the two images.


Juxtaposer App iOS | Cool Mom Tech

I’d suggest balancing the levels and lighting in both images so the colors look more realistic. It won’t always be perfect, but then, you’re probably not using it to pass off alien photos to the tabloids. I find that mistakes are easy to correct, so if you erase too much you can unerase or undo multiple times.

It takes a little practice and you certainly aren’t going to get professional Photoshop jobs out of it, but it’s a quick and easy tool that gets the job done. And hey, if you want another way to insert yourself into Ellen’s Oscar selfie with Bradley Cooper, this is a great tool for it. I know Liza Minnelli wants to.

The Juxtaposer App is $2.99 and available for iOS, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, at the App Store.