If I had to pick a favorite moment from last night’s Academy Awards, I would have to say the Ellen Oscars selfie was at the top of my list. I’m sure I’m not alone here.

Well now you can do what we all wanted to do last night when Bradley Cooper snapped it, and add yourself to that record-breaking retweeted photo.

DIY Ellen Oscars Selfie - saramreis | Cool Mom Tech

I had a ball adding my own mug to the Ellen Oscars selfie with this fun app. Simply create an account at Urturn (it’s free), then upload a photo of yourself. I went through a few different photos before I found one that worked. Best to use one where your face is on the small side, or insert yourself at the bottom (like the photo from saramels, above). They I cut out my face with their handy editing tool (though you can probably do it better than I did) and well, you can see the result. Sorry, Julia Roberts; it’s my turn to shine.

Put yourself in the Ellen Oscars selfie with My Best Celebrity Selfie Ever . Just note the creator’s name, which is in the URL, is mildly NSFW.

[thanks alphamom!]