Although I don’t currently have any kids in the learning their ABCs’ stage of childhood, I can appreciate a really high quality alphabet app for kids that teaches it well, especially because there are so many out there that aren’t great. (Trust us, we’ve seen lots.) The Avokiddo ABC Ride app however is one of those apps that I can most definitely add to my recommend list for parents of preschoolers.

In addition to the cute name (avocado, Avokiddo… get it?), is a great app for many reasons. It’s beautifully designed, but more importantly, it’s an educational app that really does help teach kids letter fundamentals. Either of the two characters, Beck or Bo, takes a nice bike ride through the countryside and encounters individual letters and tasks that helps kids grasp what words begin with that letter. Whether it’s Inhabiting the igloo is an impatient ‘I’ or Acquire the apricots and act with attention, kids can hear the alliteration and start to understand what the letters sound like.

Since the phrases take on more of a sophisticated air, younger ones may need some assistance figuring out what acquire the apricots means, but we think using educational apps with your kids is always a good course of action anyway.

Avokiddo ABC Ride alphabet app for kids | Cool Mom Tech

You’ll find a different task or game associated with each letter, so it offers kids a really nice variety of ways to learn, aside from the typical C is for Cat. And speaking of variety, I didn’t see any two letters that offered the same activity–pretty impressive for 26 letters.

The HD graphics are cute and will keep kids engaged, especially because once one letter is finished, their character hops back on the bike and keeps things moving. And the fact that there are no in-app purchases or ads? Totally worth the price for me.

The Avokiddo ABC Ride alphabet app for kids is available in iTunes for iOS for $2.99.