For the past few weeks, New York City has been awash in giant Easter eggs, in a brilliant (if a little time-consuming for me) social-media-meets-installation-art campaign for Fabergé called The Big Egg Hunt. It brought eager New Yorkers and tourists alike scavenging the city, Eggi app uploaded to cell phones, to track down, photograph and share eggs designed by the likes of Julian Schnabel, William Wegman, Carolina Herrera, Jeff Koons, and Ralph Lauren.

Check out #thebigegghunt on Instagram and see the amazing range of eggs in all five boroughs. (Yes, even Staten Island!) Some of the photographers are hoping to win the Fabergé ruby pendant; I sense some were just really having fun finding them. As it should be with an egg hunt.

I stumbled on it myself when we found this gorgeously colorful Chrissy Angliker egg (shown at top) in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, keeping watch over Jane’s Carousel. And of course, now my kids are asking me to buy it.

If your pockets are deeper than mine, you can purchase any of the eggs at auction, with profits protecting Asian elephants through Elephant Family as well as supporting local arts org Studio in a School–an amazing program that my own kids are part of in their public school. Right now prices start around $500, and go way way up from there, should you fancy a Jeff Koons in your living room.

Here, just a few of my favorites on Instagram, although honestly, I could put all 260 eggs in here.


Martin Hanford Where's Waldo Egg - The Big Egg Hunt NY | photo @achair34

Martin Hanford Where’s Waldo Egg, photographed by @achair34

Nathan Sawaya LEGO egg - The big Egg Hunt NY | photo @createdbylorraine

Nathan Sawaya Lego Egg photographed by @createdbylorraine

Jason Woodside Egg - Big Egg Hunt NY | photo @infamousjoe

Jason Woodside Egg photographed by @infamousjoe

Jeff Koons Easter Egg | photo @hlmurray91

Jeff Koons Easter Egg photographed by @hlmurray91

Benjamin Shine street sign Easter egg - The big egg hunt NY  | photo @toby2bc

Benjamin Shine All-Ways New York Egg  photographed by @toby2bc

Joanne Holbrook Easter Egg - the big egg hunt NY | photo @shawshank

Joanne Holbrook An Alphabet of New York egg  photographed by @shawshank

Olivia Phillips Falk Easter Egg - The big egg hunt NY | photo @khshindesign

Olivia Phillips Falk Be Yourself Because Everyone Else is Taken Egg photographed by @khsindesign

Curtis Kulig Love and Happiness Easter egg - The Big Egg Hunt NY | photo @coolmompicks

Curtis Kulig Love and Happiness Egg photographed by @coolmompicks

Cope2 Graffiti Easter Egg - The Big Egg Hunt NY  | photo @nikokwanart

Cope2 Graffiti Egg photographed by @Nikokwanart 89

Terry Richardson Easter Egg - the Big egg hunt Ny | photo @suzannebeaubien

Terry Richardson Egg photographed by @suzannebeaubien (with a very funny caption)

Chris Carnabuche Aprhodite Easter Egg - The Big Egg Hunt NY  | photo @notexactlyblue

Chris Carnabuchewith CA/CHE  Studio Aphrodite Egg photographed by @notexactlyblue

 Click through the “buy now” link on the website for more info on each of the eggs. It’s pretty interesting. Hey, maybe it will give you some inspiration for your own DIY Easter Egg decorating . And maybe a few more great photographers to follow on Instagram.

 Visit The Big Egg Hunt website for bidding info (the auction is April 22) and check out #thebigegghunt on Instagram if you just want to gawk. You can still follow along on the free Eggi app for iOS and Android through April 25, or if you’re in NY, see them all in person at Rockefeller Center. 

Happy Easter, readers!