These days there’s no shortage of ways to create your own cool Instagram photo gifts, but custom Instagram photo cookies is definitely a first. Like most of the world, we’re pretty obsessed with Instagram around here (are you following us?), which is why I might have shrieked a little when I saw these cookies.

Instagram photo gifts: Custom Instagram cookies | cool mom tech

Just send in six of your favorite Instagram photos and the folks at manjar on Etsy will turn them into amazing edible treats, which will be shipped off to you with two Instagram cameras too.

Instagram Photo Gifts: Custom Polaroid Cookies | cool mom tech

 If you’re not an Instagram fan (what?), they’ve got Polaroid camera cookies as well that are equally as awesome. Talk about fantastic gift idea, party favor, the list goes on. And yes, you can eat every bit of these cookies (hooray for edible ink!) even though I’m not sure I’d want to considering how cool they are.

You can purchase custom Instagram photo cookies at manjar on Etsy