While we may give the side-eye to duckface selfies (although, a selfie at the Oscars with Bradley Cooper and Ellen is fine by us), today for Earth Day, NASA has given us an awesome reason to endorse selfies, thanks to the NASA #GlobalSelfie project.

Wherever you are, go outside and take a picture of yourself or your kids (or hey, have somebody else do it — the selfie part isn’t mandatory), with some indication of where you are. Try words written in the sand or spelled out in rocks, a homemade sign or one of NASA’s printable signs (available in 22 languages, no less.)  Then upload it with hashtag #GlobalSelfie to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, or Flickr.

What’s NASA going to do with all of these photos? They’ll use them to construct a global photo mosaic of Earth. So cool! We can hardly wait to see the results.

After you take your selfie, don’t rush back inside too quickly. Take a little extra time to enjoy our cool planet on Earth Day, and the world beyond our own mobile devices.

Get more info about the NASA #GlobalSelfie project on the website, or search the hashtag to see all the awesome shots from around the world right now.

[h/t bugfrog; top photo from flickr pool via 37HZ]

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