Every time I think I’m an official adult whose electronic devices are not tech toys, but actual serious gadgetry, the internet comes along showing off some accessory  like this travel charger kit, which makes me instantly revert to high school-style gushing. Witness: These new Ban.do travel chargers are sooo cute. It’s so totally cute. Suh. Cu’e. Just s’cute.

(High school. I think you get the point.)

Ban.do Power Trip power charging kit |Cool Mom Tech

Ban.do Backup iPhone charger | Cool Mom Tech

Ban.do travel charger for iPhone in pink and gold

I love the Power Trip travel charger kit for iPhone  by the L.A.-based design house.  The fab set comes with a 48-inch cord, wall plug, car charger, and an iPhone 4-to-5 adapter. Way to take something vanilla and spruce it up with some color and fun, right? For a nice little gift (for yourself?) also check out the little Back Me Up Mobile Chargers in hearts or a cool colorblock pink and metallic gold. Compact–and yes , suh cu’e–the charger has the 8-pin Lightning port for an iPhone 5, but  also comes with a Lightning to USB cable. It’s not as powerful as a heavy duty portable battery pack, but for a teeny little thing that fits right in that zippered compartment ofyour handbag, you can charge your phone up to 80 percent.

I think they make awesome gifts for a traveler. In fact, I’m already trying to rationalize why I need one for myself.  Besides the cuteness.

The Power Trip charging kit and the Back me Up Mobile Chargers are available at Nordstrom. Cool Mom Picks is a Reward Style affiliate. For more info, also visit the  Ban.do website.