Every time I think I’m an official adult whose electronic devices are not tech¬†toys, but actual serious gadgetry, the internet comes along showing off some accessory ¬†like this travel charger kit, which makes me instantly revert to high school-style gushing. Witness: These new Ban.do travel chargers are¬†sooo cute. It’s so totally cute.¬†Suh. Cu’e. Just s’cute.

(High school. I think you get the point.)

Ban.do Backup iPhone charger | Cool Mom Tech

I love the Power Trip travel charger kit¬†for iPhone ¬†by the L.A.-based design house. ¬†The fab set comes with a 48-inch cord, wall plug, car charger, and an iPhone 4-to-5 adapter.¬†Way to take something vanilla and spruce it up with some color and fun, right? For a nice little gift (for yourself?) also check out the¬†little¬†Back Me Up Mobile Chargers¬†in hearts or a cool colorblock pink and metallic gold. Compact–and yes ,¬†suh cu’e–the charger has the 8-pin Lightning port for an iPhone 5, but ¬†also comes with a Lightning to USB cable. It’s not as powerful as a heavy duty¬†portable battery pack, but for a teeny little thing that fits right in that zippered compartment ofyour handbag, you can charge your phone up to 80 percent.

I think they make awesome gifts for a traveler. In fact, I’m already trying to rationalize why I need one for myself. ¬†Besides the cuteness.

The Power Trip charging kit and the Back me Up Mobile Chargers are available at Nordstrom. Cool Mom Picks is a Reward Style affiliate. For more info, also visit the  Ban.do website.

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