If your baby is anything like mine was, her favorite toys were gadgets I actually needed and used quite frequently. You know…like keys. Or the remote control. Not exactly stuff you want in your kid’s mouth. And that’s why I’m doing you (and parents everywhere) a service by introducing you to the ultimate baby gift: baby’s first iPhone. Or really, the iPhoney wooden toy phone. Hilarious.

The iPhoney from Stevern Mattern Design on Etsy is laser-etched from solid maple and available in two different types of non-toxic finishes depending on whether this will be more of a pretend play toy (for older kids, I’m guessing) or a teething toy for infants. It’s a seriously cool baby shower gift for any 21st century baby. And trust me, the parents will thank you as they wipe the drool from their own gadgets. Here’s to us all taking back our phones–at least as teethers, anyway.

You can purchase the iPhoney maple toy phone at Steven Mattern Design on Etsy.