I’m all for gift cards as Mother’s Day gifts (or any other gift) when it’s really appreciated and thoughtful. For me: $500 to the shoe department at Saks will do. (There’s a reason it’s in our Mother’s Day gift guide this year, ha.) For a new mom, maybe a spa card. For someone renovating, a little something toward Home Depot. All great gifts–but I still can’t help but feel that it all feels a little impersonal, especially when it’s sent via phone or email. So I love what the Gyft app is doing now to fix that.

One of my favorite apps of the year last year, Gyft keeps getting better with new features like the video messaging they’ve recently added. When you go to buy (or regift) a card through the app, you can record a video message to accompany it and both with be delivered together. I absolutely love the idea of sending your mom–or anyone, really–a gift card that actually comes with a personal message from you. And in fact it’s probably the part of the gift she’ll like best.


Gyft app now with video messaging

Even better, she won’t end up with some generic A gift card for someone special! email template which really does take the thoughtfulness of your gift down a notch. Everything goes better with video.

Download the Gyft app for iOS or for Android. It’s free. And it’s great.