With summer unofficially here (and can I get a big amen to that?) it’s the time a fashion-conscious techie’s mind turns toward other pursuits. No, not getting off the iPad; I mean finding a more summery case for toting that bad boy around. If you’re thinking about  swapping out the wintery black case for something more of the season, check out this new offering from our friends at Knomo who make an iPad case I’ve got my eye on.

The Maple crossbody Knomo tablet bag comes in this beautiful taupe that’s the perfect summer neutral. Though there are some other gorgeous colors to choose from too, should you like to make more of a splash with your techcessories, but I love the versatility of this perfect shade of tan.

Knomo quilted crossbody iPad bag for summer | Cool Mom Tech

We’ve found through the years that these bags really hold up over the years, thanks to super thoughtful construction. The padded compartment keeps your iPad or 10″ tablet nice and snug, while plenty of pockets and zippered cases let you drop in everything else you can’t live without. It’s really a nice size for jaunting around town, iPad at the ready. And with that gorgeous quilted diamond exterior, if suddenly an impromptu al fresco cafe lunch date should crop up? You’re already accessorized for it.

Find the  Maple crossbody Knomo tablet bag for your iPad or other tablet up to 10″ at Knomo Bags for $99.

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