It’s likely you’ve seen or heard a lot about 3D printers lately, because they’re one of those holy moly tech gadgets that seem beyond comprehension. We’ve covered a couple on Cool Mom Tech and Cool Mom Picks, like the Micro 3D Printer and the Foodini 3D Printer (for food! Seriously!), but now we’ve come across the Mink 3D makeup printer and it’s really blowing our minds.

The Mink 3D makeup printer lets you transform any color you see from any image on your smartphone, tablet or PC, into to a wearable cosmetic product.

I’ll hold for the gasps.

How it works:  Mink will provide you with a white base for eyeshadow, lipstick, even cream foundations and then based on the color palette you choose, the device will print the color onto the cosmetic to the exact hue, tint or shade of your choosing.


Mink 3D makeup printer could let you color match your own cosmetics at home

The logical question is why you’d want to wear makeup from a printer in the first place. Founder Grace Choi who introduced this concept at TechCrunch Disrupt this past week, has said that all the ink is FDA-approved for cosmetic use and is the same used by other cosmetic manufacturers–although of course we’d want to know what’s in the base to begin with and how good it actually applies and stays on. All makeup is not created equal, of course.

Still, the idea of recreating that perfect blue-red lipstick that annoyingly went out of production? Thrilling.

Mink is estimated to sell for about $300 when it becomes available, which at first blush (no pun intended), seems pricey and is only for the most devout cosmetic junkies among us. Though when you think about all those unused tubes of lipstick you’ve purchased and never used because the color just wasn’t what it seemed to be in the store, it’s a downright bargain.

You can sign up at the Mink website to be on the list for news and updates about the Mink 3D makeup printer. We’re keeping our shadowed eyes peeled for launch dates.