Considering I was making the kids’ lunches the other day and found my phone in the pantry, I really think I need a dedicated gadget like Phone Finder to help me keep track of my all-important-everything-device. I’m not the only one, right?

As much as we’ve covered a ton of awesome location trackers in the past, Phone Finder is a Kickstarter project that I really hope meets its goal because it works for any smartphone and not just iPhones. Which makes sense, considering I doubt Android users are any better at keeping their phone out of pantries than Apple users.


Phone Finder smartphone tracker | Cool Mom Tech

Using the little Bluetooth remote, Phone Finder will activate your lost phone within a range of 50 feet with a ring, a vibration, or flashing lights like a beacon that’s calling to you. It even works if your phone is on silent mode (sweet!), which mine often is, letting you can look for it using a web browser as well.

Yes, the graphic on the gadget is a little kitschy for us, compared with a device like Tile. But it’s nothing a bit of Washi tape can’t fix.

Phone Finder is currently looking to meet its goal on Kickstarter in the next week! You can pledge $25 for one unit. If it meets its goal, units will be available in October.