Confession: I spend way too much time trying to figure out where my keys, purse, and um, even my dog have gone at times, so am curious about all the tracking devices out there now. It’s one of the most frustrating feelings to not know where something is when you need it. Now. So take a look at the future: 6 innovative tracking devices which each include a tile that you attach to whatever you want to keep track of, then use an app in different ways to track it.

Some even promise to help you not lose it in the first place. This, I need.

Tracking Devices: Linquet fob | Cool Mom Tech

Linquet Tracking Device ($2.99/month)
Attach the Linquet fob (at top) to anything you want to keep tabs on, and you can monitor it through iOS and Android devices. Linquet has a similar safety mode to Lapa, below, but we like Linquet’s customization options, which allow you to set distance ranges. That way you’re not going to get warning notifications every time you’re three feet from your handbag.


Tracking Devices: XY-FindIt Tile | Cool Mom TechXY-FindIt Tile ($20 pledge on Kickstarter)
Attach the XY tile to anything you want to track, enable Bluetooth, and use the iOS or Android app to either find your stuff, keep it near your side, or alert other XY users that you’ve lost it. Very handy whether it’s a phone or a dog or a fancy new stroller you’re daring to keep out on the sidewalk while you shop. Although the XY name sort of throws me off–are they implying that men can’t keep track of their stuff?


Tracking Devices: Tile | Cool Mom TechTile ($18.95 per tile)
The Tile device is really easy to use. Just attach it to whatever you want to be able to find–your iPad, purse, kids soccer shoes, whatever–and call it through the iOS app. The tile will sound an alert, and your iOS app will show you that you’re getting warmer until find your stuff and can finally head out the door. Think Find My iPad and you have a good sense of how it works.


Tracking Devices: hipKeyand app | Cool Mom TechhipKey ($89.95 for two pieces)
Attach hipKey to the valuable of your choice, and when that item gets beyond the specified range it vibrates on both ends. This works great as a reminder to your kids to stay close at the playground, although it also works to keep your dog, laptop, or coffee mug close. Whatever you can’t live without. I’m thinking coffee mug.


Tracking Devices: Lapa | Cool Mom TechLapa Tracking Device ($24.50 each)
The unique feature Lapa offers as a tracking device is that you can look for lost items via Facebook, email, and the Lapa network–getting your friends to help you find lost things. Also, they have a cool safety mode, in which your phone warns you when you’re about to leave something behind before it’s even happened.


Trackng Devices: Bringrr charger | Cool Mom TechBringrr ($39 pledge on Kickstarter)
The Bringrr device includes chips you can hook to your objects, should they be hookable, but it also has a piece you plug into your car charger. If you’ve left the home without your phone (or whatever your Bringrr chip is clipped to) the device glares red to remind you to run back in and get it. But if you’ve brought everything you need, it will glow a soothing blue. Love this.