My own mother has made the leap to Pandora and other streaming services which I think is pretty great. But I know that deep down, she will always be committed to NPR and often wants to listen to it in the easiest way possible: from a radio. So it might be time to trade up from the old clock radio she has to the Crosley Ranchero AM/FM radio tuner. Is it so pretty? Why, yes it is.

While it has that awesome vintage styling that Crosley is known for, they call the look “new-stalgic.” In other words, it might look like something from your grandmother’s day, but it’s got nice big sound, and an MP3 or other portable audio connection. Because hey, maybe she does want to listen to Pandora. On the radio.

Find the  Crosley Ranchero AM/FM radio tuner in three colors on the Crosley Radio site for $99.95


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